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Water Boilers

What office or workplace can survive without hot, boiling water?  With some colleagues professing nothing can be achieved unless my mug is filled to the brim with coffee or tea, the kettle in all workplace settings takes a bashing on a daily basis, however, there are a few downsides to the kettle that make it perhaps not best suited to such an environment as low water volume and are slow to heat from cold.

With a water boiler quality hot water is on tap 24/7, meaning that hot drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate can now be made in seconds — with plenty of hot water to go around, and no need to wait for a kettle to boil. Most automatic fill water boilers come with additional functionality, such as water filtration, engineer diagnostics, eco settings that help cut energy consumption and automatic timers to prevent the unit heating when you have all gone home.

We offer a range of services to organizations and companies from Care Homes, Doctors surgeries, Education, Facilities Management, Hairdressers & Salons, Health Clubs & Spas, Healthcare, Holiday Parks, Hotels, Housing, Pubs, Restaurants, Sport and Vets surgeries, inside or outside your normal working hours including in the public and private sector. We aim to keep hot water flowing for your employees and customers throughout the year. We offer annual servicing and descaling, water filtration and calcium treatment units, we can sell, loan or lease you a machine should yours be beyond economical repair. We work in and outside of your business hours maintaining and repairing to ensure no extra disruption to your day. We also provide water boiler health checks to guarantee your water boiler is in full working order. We also work closely with most manufacturers.

We pride ourselves on giving a personal service and as such all our pricing is on request.

We can supply machines, parts and services for the following; Marco, Calormax, Instanta, Buffalo, Hobart, Redring, Bravilor and Lincat.

Water boilers are proven to reduce energy consumption and therefore save you money!

Not only that but having reliable access to hot water will save you and your staff time, potentially saving yet even more money.

Providing instant hot water, reducing energy consumption and providing consistency and reliability when hot water is needed.

It’s not just for drinks that these powerful and reliable units can be used, cut down on the time it takes to cook dishes that rely on boiling water such as pasta, vegetables and more, the merging of kitchen methods can help streamline your services and increase your output instantly.

The water boiler is fast becoming the friend of the workplace, being able to offer boiling water at the touch of a button or lever.

There are all kinds of pros with investing in water boilers for the workplace:

  • Capacity – the water boiler is capable of heating larger quantities of water in (around 10 litres / 30 litres per hour or more) a far more efficient way and, depending on the size of the unit in terms of litres of water, will certainly fill more than the six mugs that one kettle full will manage.
  • With modern boilers there fully insulated and with eco / power settings  the water volume can be reduced at quiet periods reducing costs.
  • Ease of use – it really couldn’t be simpler. Place tea bag or a spoonful of coffee in any size mug or cup, put an empty mug under the tap, depress button or lever and fill the mug with desired quantity of hot water. The next person does the same, and the next and so on.
  • Time-friendly – there is no waiting and no laying siege to the hot water in the kettle. Break and lunch times can be harmonious times once more, without warfare or diplomatic skirmishes breaking out over the freshly boiled kettle.
  • Space-efficient – as you would expect, the modern day water boiler is not quite the gargantuan, wall-filling appliance that it once was of old. Compact and petite in design, modern day water boilers benefit from smaller, but more efficient elements and components, hence they take up far less room than a row of boiling kettles.
  • Cost-effective – instead of replacing the kettle so many times a year after wearing the element out, why not invest in an efficient water boiler instead? It will cost far less to boil water and keep it heated than it would boiling a full kettle so many times in a day.
  • Quality of water – Most boilers have changeable  inbuilt water filters as standard to reduce scale build up, poor water taste and odour.

Counter top water boilers

The most commonly seen and used model, these units can be placed on almost any flat surface or counter, allowing you access where you need quality hot water  the most.

Perfect for self-service areas and front-of-house usage, these are ideal for almost any coffee shop, cafe, bar or restaurant.

Countertop units come in a variety of options, with tank-fill and auto-filling boilers requiring slightly different configuration for optimum operation.

Tank-fill                             Auto-fill

Not requiring a mains connection                An auto-fill boiler will require a

 makes these units ideal for mobile              direct connection to water, this

 caterers or those not requiring                 allows the boiler tank to be filled

constant access to a water source.              Continually by a pcb controlled

The tank must be replenished manually,         by sensors and should never boil

 but this does allow for access flexibility         dry. This type of boiler normally

 and remote placement so long as you           has internal water filters as  

have access to a power source.                 Standard.

Tank fill boiler

Typical auto-fill boiler

Auto-fill Wall mounted boilers.

An auto-fill boiler will require direct connection to a water supply, this allows the boiler tank to be filled continually so that the unit is unlikely to boil dry.

Normally smaller volumes(around 3.5 Ltr capacity 31 Ltr/hr) of water can be expected from a wall mounted boiler but these are more stylish and  fit into the office / staff room environment very well. Normally fitted near a sink where counter space is at a premium and can be fitted onto any solid wall.

This brings us on to water filtration.

Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU) water treatment.

Barnhard ctu
Brita purity Quell C150
Brita purity Quell 600

CTU’s use the same ion-exchange process as a water softener but instead of exchanging calcium and magnesium ions for sodium, a CTU utilities hydrogen, meaning water is still drinkable.

We can supply other makes and sizes please email us your information.

As well as an ion-exchange process, the incoming feed water undergoes carbon filtration to reduce chlorine taste and odour s, further improving the quality of the water also removing heavy metals – lead, and copper, from water.

Calcium treatment units are especially suited for use on commercial equipment such as coffee and espresso machines, combination and steam ovens, water boilers, ice machines and vending machines.

Don’t let the quality of your water negatively affect the quality of your coffee!

Prevention of limescale buildup is much cheaper than the cure.

Purposefully designed to be used with commercial coffee machines,water boilers combination ovens, steam wands, hot water tap.

 Internal piping can be left caked in limescale if water is not treated or filtered before entering the system.

Our line of BanHard CTU’s are available in various sizes with capacities ranging from 2,560 litres to 25,590 litres. 3 head options are available with each one suited to a specific application, so no matter what your requirement, we have a solution.


  • Removes scale causing hard minerals
  • Reduces unwanted taste and odours                          
  • Wide range of capacities available
  • A number of head options
  • Suitable for producing drinking water

Ideal Uses

  • Coffee and espresso machines
  • Combination and steam ovens
  • Water boilers
  • Vending machines
  • Ice machines

We pride ourselves on giving a personal service and as such all prices are on request.

We also supply and install bundle packs:
• 2 or 3 port head calcium treatment unit.
• Analogue or digital (with audio alarm) water meter.
• 3 x food grade hoses (all WRAS).

Capacity Of Litres Between Regeneration: 7300 – 25000 litres (dependant on sites water hardness).

Please note, if you choose the digital meter option, you will require a fully trained installer along with proper programming. 


Reworked Lincat EB3FX, Ready for a new home on test in the workshop £240.00 (delivery included).

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