Installations & Asset Management.

Focusing On Quality
While there might be some people who are tempted to purchase cheaper equipment, it should be remembered that these items will not always last as long as their high-quality counterparts, have parts reasonably priced and available or have reliable and effective warranty’s supplied,

Combi Catering Engineers supply and install catering equipment at competitive prices and can also install equipment already purchased.

Installed to the manufacturers instructions to the highest standards.

This single phase oven was sourced and installed within 4 days of order being given, making sure this customer was up and running for the christmas trade.

“Paul at Combi Catering Engineers offered an expemplary service. Responding quickly to my enquiries, Paul exceeded my expectations and will definitely use him again”

An old Blue Seal 6 burner range made way for the new gas 10 grid combi oven with stand due to sites gas restraints.

Reconditioned oven installed and on test run.

Why Asset & Equipment Management is Critical for Business Operations.


Asset management allows an organization to understand the capabilities of its assets, and how they can be operated in the most effective manner.

The backbone of many organizations is the equipment/assets used to maintain day-to-day operations–and the employees and managers who help enhance a safety culture.

Many organizations struggle to maintain high-performing equipment asset management programs, costing money/lost revenue in lost production and unnecessary maintenance expenditures but with yearly servicing this can help identify and address assets at risk (potential failures).

When equipment is correctly tracked it can determine which asset isn’t meeting its: 

1, performance standards.

2, Which asset is displaying the most severe issue.

3, Which asset issues are ongoing.

4, From which manufacturer do the most asset performance issues frequently arise.

5, Understanding which, if any operator might benefit the most from further training?

Long-term operation of assets in a reduced performance state may normalize the poor performance of the asset to front-line employees and can have a negative effect on morale and good-will can break down, but with clear annual servicing and assessment, any issues identified can be bought to your attention and rectified swiftly.

Tracking the actions and findings taken during routine servicing can only help the all round equipment performance.

Not only are you able to show confirmation of the expected value of the project, but you are also able to retain this history for reference in future endeavors.

In business, time is money.  This old adage is applicable today as much as ever. If your business deals with assets such as equipment, keeping on top of asset inventory and maintenance is key to your bottom line.

Standardize your asset & equipment management processes for the tasks that matter most to you. Whether that be tracking whole sites, individual equipment or specific part details and managing SOPs.

We at Combi Catering Engineers can help by supplying a gas safety certificate at the same time as servicing / inspection. 

Contact us with your installation and Asset Management requirements.