Canopies, Fans, Extraction and Canopy Cleaning,

Combi Catering Engineers have a large range of products available, our canopies come in off the shelf standard sizes or are bespoke hand made near Stowmarket Suffolk .

Combi Catering Engineers will survey, design and install purpose made canopies for your commercial kitchen.

Every canopy system has unique individual needs due to ceiling height, appliances/equipment used, building infrastructure, access, ducting, fan sizing and lighting options etc.

As well as removing the products of combustion , heat, smoke, moisture and cooking odours  most modern canopy systems bring in fresh air separately to make the kitchen a cooler and fresher environment to work in.

Traditional Canopy systems filter airborne grease and smoke out into the atmosphere.

If gas equipment is installed under a new canopy it must have a gas interlock fitted between the gas supply and fans.

There are now many levels of filtration and odour control that can be fitted and these can be tailored to suit the budget, available size, local authority requirements and location of the site.

The above canopy was supplied by the customer, we altered the extract fan exit 90 degrees from the rear wall into the roof and out to avoid a metal beam and installed the unit.

Ductless kitchen Recirculation

Re circulation units work by sucking the air/vapour/odour and smoke up, the air mixture is pulled through four or five filters and the filtered air exhausts back into the kitchen.

The system helps catering business owners utilize existing spaces without the need to retrofit existing buildings saving costs.

Pro’s to system

1, Free standing units make it Quick and easy to install into most rooms.

2, No duct-work through the building or to outside,no wall or roof penetrations required.

4, Variable speed controlled fans.

5, Filters easily removable.

6, Optional rear splashback wall cladding.

7, Designed to accommodate multiple pieces of electrical equipment.

Con’s to system

1, System does not remove extracted air temperature and will always increase.

2, Filters need to be replaced at regular intervals.

3, Not to be used with any gas equipment.

We can supply whole recirculation units, the filters or other service parts to keep your unit in full working order.

Fans, Canopies, speed controllers & Ductwork

Below are a few pictures of recently completed more challenging jobs.

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