We pride ourselves in offering high quality products at competitive prices.

Combi Catering Engineers are here to help with any commercial kitchen requirements. From service, maintenance, install and repair of your catering equipment to the installation or repair of extraction systems, we cover a wide variety of equipment to suit your needs. (Our first van).

Products available from Combi Catering

Fans, Speed Controls and Gas Interlocks.

Extractor & fan speed controls

Water boilers.

Please select water boilers on tap above for full product information.

Commercial Catering Equipment.

Installed out of service to reduce disruption to kitchen.

Combi oven specialists.

If your Combi oven requires a install, repair or a good service, you may have questions or need some friendly advise, please feel free to ask.

Our strong links with manufacturers and suppliers enable us to deliver a fast and reliable service to our customers at a reasonable price.

This electric combi was installed into a small pub (with little extra room) to help improve the quality of products sold and expand the sites menu.

We can also produce and install bespoke made tabling and equipment to fit any catering area.

Our tyndishes have been made to our own specification, especially for Rational drain applications. These are for sale so feel free to inquire for prices and availability.


Reworked Lincat EB3FX, Ready for a new home on test in the workshop £240.00 (delivery included).

We are now proud to be able to distribute Monarch water softening systems to you in the food service and commercial catering industry. We supply salt softeners for commercial glass-washers and dishwashers, as well as calcium treatment units for Combination ovens and beverage units. Ask us about our flexible plans and feel free to inquire for a site survey.